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What Our Amazing Parents Have to Say...

Girl drawing with chalk on sidewalk

"We were so fortunate to have this wonderful learning experience available to all of our children. Angela has given so much of her knowledge, wisdom, love and guidance to us and our children."

- Ruth H. 

"Angela has been an inspiration to us. We have watched her work, appearing tireless, to provide for our children in the best possible learning environment. We have appreciated the individual attention placed on each child. All the little extras that she puts into the lives of her students are so valuable to the healthy development of children."


- Barb M.

"Angela has provided such an incredible first school experience for our daughter. She has embraced her experiences whole-heartedly; learning, playing, listening, helping, dancing, singing, painting... We appreciate the time and effort on her behalf."

- Kim S.  

"It has been such a joy to watch our son grow and learn in Angela's class. She has instilled in our child a love for learning and that is an invaluable gift. Angela has shared her teaching talents with us and inspired us to be better parents."

- Sarah P.

"Angela is an amazing teacher and we feel very fortunate to have her work with our children. She has had a huge impact on us, beyond the classroom."

- Beth T. 

"Angela has the gift of encouragement. We are simply thrilled by the opportunity to have our daughter in such a wonderful program, led by such an enthusiastic individual."

- Curtis S. 

Learning about ancient Egypt the fun way!

"We were so privileged to have been a part of the Montessori experience from the very beginning. Our children have truly grown from the very best start imaginable for not only their education, but the many lessons needed to live a life with love, joy and peace."


- Julie F. 

Reading about crocodiles and turtles
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