A typical day of Montessori learning.

Registration Details


The Montessori Option is now accepting registration for children 19 months to 5+ years of age for the 2020/2021 school year.


We offer 2-day/week, 3-day/week and 5-day/week program options to accommodate a variety of schedules.


All programs begin in September and continue until the end of June, with optional summer programs available in July.  

Early focus on reading and writing skills!

What's Included?


A full day in Montessori childcare includes:

  • A range of hands-on materials and activities catered to the age and ability of each child

  • Interactive, discovery-based lessons in language, math, science, social, phys-ed and fine arts

  • Crafts and activities designed to challenge and develop both gross and fine motor skills

  • In-depth exploration of various topics and themes celebrating knowledge and diversity of the world around us

  • Stories, songs and games to develop your child mentally, emotionally and physically

  • Indoor and outdoor playtime

  • Meal times prepared and shared as a group


...and much more! 

Kids Blowing Bubbles


2 days per week- $550 monthly
3 days per week- $775 monthly
5 days per week- $1200 monthly

Math and numeracy skill development

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Please contact Angela Keyes to set up a free informational session and tour of the program. Learn more about how your child can thrive with The Montessori Option.

We look forward to meeting you!