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A Vibrant Learning Environment


“The Montessori Option” is a well-established child-care program that has been owned and operated by Angela Keyes, a highly educated and experienced Montessori teacher, for over 25 years. Angela has a lifetime of experience working with young children of all backgrounds and abilities. Her experience ranges from implementing coping/learning strategies for children with disabilities to preparing gifted children for acceptance to educational programs across Canada. 

Chidren learning and working together

Having recently moved to St. Albert, The Montessori Option is a fully-licensed home business that offers FULL-DAY childcare incorporating a Montessori preschool curriculum. This is an opportunity for parents to enroll their children in an exceptional academic program without needing to arrange separate before- and after-preschool care. The Montessori Option offers the benefits of both a daycare and a preschool program, all in an intimate home setting. 

Boy playing on a slip and slide

Montessori techniques use an array of hands-on, discovery based learning materials to develop a child’s mind, body and spirit. While academic success often unfolds early in Montessori children, we are always careful to nurture their independence, natural curiosity and peacefulness. Montessori respects children's abilities to build themselves, and gives them the tools to do so. 

Activity designed to develop spatial awareness
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